1999-2013 GM Truck Single Turbo Kit (Stage 5)

1999-2013 GM Truck Single Turbo Kit (Stage 5)

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Have a 6.2L, use your truck for pulling, or you just want more power.  Stage 5 uses a 80/83mm BorgWarner turbo.. This turbo is capable of producing over 700HP.. Stainless steel mandrel bent crossover and 3.5" down pipe. Mandrel bent hot pipes have smooth bends for better flow capabilities. The stanard intercooler is our Stage 3 core and comes with mounting hardware and tubing cut to length. Cold piping is cut to length and comes with a bead rolled ends. Bead roll keeps the tubing from sliding out while under boost.

Mandrel bent stainless steel crossover and downpipe will hold up under the most demanding conditions. Thick wall CAST STAINLESS STEEL manifold will hold up under the most demanding conditions. LARGE 46mm waste gate keeps the boost under controll. Standard waste gate configuration is vented into the downpipe. This makes your turbo system nice and quite.

With bead rolled ends these cold pipes will not leak or come apart; even under the highest boost demands. The intercooler is our Stage 3 RACE Intercooler core with 3.0" inlet and outlets (depending on application). Mounts directly to the frame using our universal brackets. 3" tubing from the turbo to the intercooler and after the intercooler the piping starts to increase is size up to 3.5", making the transition to the throttle body clean and seemless. 50mm blow off keeps away the turbo surge, and it just sounds cool. Releasing all the boosted air from turbo to throttle when you lift off the throttle is a must. The blowoff protects the turbos for turbo surge and protect the throttle body from having boost pushing on a closed throttle blade. HI boost pressure with out a blowoff can result in damage to your turbo and throttle body blade or throttle body shaft. Kit is designed to fit 99-2013 GM trucks. Works well on heavily modifed 4.8-6.2L. Is a must on stock 6.2L.

Extra large filter and filter inlet elbow moves the air filter to the side for cooler in coming air.

Final kit will look different then in pic. Pic shows 5" Race I/C. PIctures are for reference only. Not an exact parts make up...

TURBO KITS ARE FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY!!! Customer is responsible for the final exhaust connection and all exhaust work after the downpipe..

• CAST STAINLESS STEEL turbo manifold
• 80 mm turbo (journal bearing)
Precision 46mm gate (vented to downpipe)
• 50mm blow-off valve
• 3/8” cut flanges
• Mandrel bent stainless steel crossover and 3.5" down pipe
• All piping is tig welded
• Crossover flex joint
• Crossover  gaskets
• MASSIVE air filter
• 3.5” throttle body cold pipe
• Stage 3 intercooler with mounting hardware**
• Silicone couplers and clamps
• Oil pressure and return lines
• Oil pressure and return fittings
• 02 bungs
• Wideband bung welded in down pipe
• Heater hoses and clamps
• Vacuum lines
• Thermal shielding for ac line
• Washers, bolts and nuts

*other turbos are available and will change the price of this kit.

** Intercooler can be upgraded to our ,4" or 5" Race intercooler

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Kits are built as they are ordered.

***PARTS REQUIRED BUT NOT SUPPLIED WITH KIT.  Tuning you will need to have your vehicle retuned.  Larger Injectors maybe needed depending on application and power goals.  Final exhaust, the down pipe stops under the passenger side floor board. You will need to fabricate an exhaust system based on your personal perferences. Heater hoses need to be exdended and kept away from heat sources***